Tuesday, March 27, 2007

so. that was it. definetely.
i used to write this blog in german, i know, but now, this fits right now, the english thingy, not that my english was better than my german, it's just less personal.
back to topic. this was it. 26th was my 23rd birthday. not that i hated it, i just didn't spend as much time with my mummy as i had intended, nor did i spend it with friends but with colleagues, which was real fun but just not the way i wanted it to be..., well actually i totally forgot about my birthday until saturday, when my mum reminded me. but, anyway

i know, i didn't write alot the past few months, i don't feel sorry since there's noone reading this anyways and i had exams, i know thats the case like all the time, modern physics and theroetical mechanics and i was in the mood to write more than once, just didn't want to have an excuse not to learn and also writing in german is far more personal than writing in english. modern physics went quite well, although i made a total fool of myself as usual. my mistakes during exams always become famous in the whole physics institute... after this i started to learn for theoretical mechanics and everything went ok (i like theoretical subjects) until i learned that my daddy was hospitalized because he'd had a double bypass and noone told me. since neither nurses nor doctors wanted to tell me how he was doing i had to leave for germany to see them personally. i might have to say that i haven't talked to him for more than two years except once...

so i went on a 4 hour train trip to the middle of nowhere to get to know what was going on... of course he was fine, didn't even think about telling me before all of this even if he had a surgery where they stopped his heart beat and all that stuff like on telly.
in the end i lost 3 days of learning mechanics (still passed) for nothing since i thought we had made a deal to stay in touch but he didn't even write an sms for my birthday...

someday i'm gonna be better, right?