Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The last couple of weeks life sort of just happened to me. Awesome crazy stuff is going on. Need sleep or coffee :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

uh, trying to solve quantummechanics exercises with hangover is proving harder than I thought. Looks like I really deserve to feel like this, for lack of better judgement.

Friday, October 12, 2007

life looks way better today. I didn't really want to admit it: I'm ALWAYS happy but I was in my first really bad mood for ages due to multiple reasons. And now things look less worth being grumpy about. I really wanted to tell more about the last couple of weeks but I absolutely need to sleep, so
good night.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I have been reading through the Angry Professor's Blog the last couple of days and right now I'm really scared. I try to behave just normal (doesn't work too well) around professors and if I don't manage I just avoid them or I drink which helps alot until I'm sober again. After reading the other blog ... There's no way I can do this or anything else right. I still have this one (MyFavouriteSubject) professor's book at home (it seems to keep getting longer), I just told him that I think he was intimidating (it was a very funny evening) and now I can't give back his book because I never want to disturb any professor anymore forever (hope there was enough bad grammar and adverbs to emphasize).....

Wow, reading that professors do know when people are not attending class - maybe I should have told everyone about the workshop and VeryBigAccelerator. Really, I always thought noone cared. But then again I would have bothered everyone saying that, and I myself would feel weird going around telling...
How can anyone work out how to do that kind of stuff. I'm a physicist. I hate psycho crap!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

back again.

Wow, trying to figure out where to start...
Finished classes, had exams (passed), went hiking with friends, went to one or two summerschools, came back home, went to workshop, went to very big accelerator (VBA), started school two weeks late, and that was last week, had the party, went to phd defenses and more party, went to Greatest Mountain Girl's birthday party, came back Sunday night, watched Pride and Prejudice did homework for Really Cool Far From My Field (RCFFMF) class until 3am (needed coffee), was bug-bitten on the eyelid while sleeping, missed the train on Monday morning (I still touched it!), had better eyelid at lunchtime, learned in students room, went to the movies with people from My Favourite Subject (MFS), went to a cafe this morning (sat next to two really mean women), went to university, tried homework from 9am to 3pm but had to answer 32 phone calls (not joking), went to RCFFMF class (awesome: I understand all the physics!!), went home, tried homework again but had to answer 4 phone calls, talked to my flatmate after she gave me wine, finished talking, wrote blog entry.